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iWave Pollock Energy


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All is an energetic wave of consciousness made manifest due to vibration and combinations of polar opposites. Acrylic on canvas on springs by Menes Kedar.  It took many years before I appreciated art in the style of Jackson Pollock, with splats and splotches with no representational imagery. But now as I paint theoretically, illustrating the concept of an intergalactic wave of conscious energy, abstract expressionism makes perfect sense and conveys just as much meaning as realism or any other style of art. It’s also very comforting to not think in terms of race, culture, nationality, or any other lesser identity. #art #artcollectors #artdealers #artdealer #artistmanagement #talentmanagement #talentagent #talentagency #arthouse #artgallery

Dimensions 36 × 2 × 36 in


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