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Life is a wave, that goes in a spiral, in a sense, we are spirals that make spirals of all kinds; light spirals, sound spirals, light and sound spirals, cardboard spirals, wire spirals, paper spirals, plastic spirals, rubber spirals, liquid spirals, emotional spirals, mental spirals, human and non-human spirals; connected with lattices of all kinds[…]  We make Energy Transmutation and Space-time Stabilization Helixes which integrate VR and AR experiences for multiverse and metaverse, referred to as “[Quantum Helix] Hedrons”.  Join the team.

Menes Rebazzar Kedar



Creative expression and community in multiple mediums.


2002-2004      2007-2010      NC State University      Raleigh, NC

BA of Art and Design in Art and Design. 2010

Studied web, video, photography, 3D, graphic and fine arts.

Studied 2d/3d animation, illustration, photography, screen printing, design fundamentals,

1998-2001      Hillside High School       Durham, NC

Diploma, International Baccalaureate

Studied Network Engineering with Nortel/Windows

Studied Computer Science, Programming with C++ and Pascal

Studied PC Repair and Troubleshooting


2022Jan – 2022Jun  www.iwave.energy

Offer a range of art and design services.

Monetize art into various mediums [web, apparel, print, nft]

Monetize music in various mediums.

Create case studies with emerging technologies.

2020Dec – 2021Dec Liberty Lending LLC     NY,NY

Sales Origination Specialist

Work with prospective consumers

Consult and guide them towards debt consolidation loans.

09/2015 – 2020  National Debt Relief                    NY, NY

Obtained IAPDA Certification as Debt Specialist

Work with prospective consumers, 

Consult and guide them toward a debt relief solution

Co-Managed teams of 7 sales reps ~2 years

02/2015 – Present      Intergalactic Wave LLC         Bronx, NY

Founder/Chief Executive Officer/Creative Director

Devise overall strategy and vision

Manage accounts and projects, handle transactions

Pinpoint problem areas to design and develop solutions

Outsource and acquire talent

Manage production equipment and product catalog

Research, Marketing and Consulting

2001-2009      SeeSawStudio      Durham, NC

Senior Designer/Project Manager

Produce Prints and handle associated business

Help students prepare for work in the design profession

Assist in planning and execution of projects for workshops.

Teach design fundamentals and the business of art.

Teach the basics of adobe illustrator pre-production


References are available on request.
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