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Menes Kedar did the branding for Brooklyn Beacon, a smoke shop at 426 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Now Menes is doing a pop up art show at Brooklyn Beacon; Saturday Nov. 18th, 2-5pm. See you there!
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iWave.Energy is an art and music publishing firm based in Brooklyn, New York, founded by the artist-designer and singer-songwriter Menes Rebazzar Kedar in October 2021, to publish family works. 

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Born in St. Thomas, USVI, raised in Durham, North Carolina, Menes attained a BA in Art and Design at NCSU and an MS in Entertainment Business from Full Sail.  Kedar’s father Kruma is a Pan-African painter and poet hailing from St. Kitts & Nevis. Here you will find the most concentrated collection of their works, which span topics such as Pan-Africanism, Afro-Futurism, and Consciousness.

Acrylic, Canvas.

View the entire collection or request your own:

When we from moved from St. Thomas to the mainland, at age 7, I was immersed into Hip Hop. Graffiti art, breakdancing, deejaying, and emceeing was flooding down from New York to a town called Fayetteville, North Carolina. We eventually moved to Durham, a near by city. Shortly after, by 12, I’d get immersed in computer science, music production, and digital art.


Stay positive with this.


Deejaying became music production and instrumentation. Talib let me borrow his Casio Keyboard and I’d make beats using a tape to tape recorder. Ricky and I would then go to Radio Shack and rap over them on the karaoke machines until we got kicked out.


Commissioned Works:

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Indoor mural project for the coolest lounge in the Brooklyn.

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Bleu Fin Mural
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Graffiti art became graphic design, fine arts, signage and murals, over 2 more decades. Overall it became patterns of light and sound creating and/or elucidating meaning.


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For questions or support contact Menes [“Means”] – (914) 719-7429

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