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(c) Gulnara Khamatova

My dad would always say, “Truth comes out the mouth of babies.  When you were 2, you asked “if God made man, who made God?”  My life has been guided by the agreements that I’ve made with my father to walk in the spirit of Christ, yet hold no dogma, and to be firmly planted in the ground with mind in divine.  Iwave.Energy is most likely a continuation of this “never ending,” in which we’d like to start by saying, “in the rebeginning, there was the word.” 

So there must have been silence before; The word is vibration.  My father, a Rasta, spent many hours in intense ideation sessions about the nature of existence, quite possibly the cause of such a question.  He set me on the journey for the answer.  Ever since I was born, he had these weird books around, where I subconsciously gleaned sacred geometry, judaism, i-ching, tao te ching; these symbols were hidden in paintings and crafts all over the house in my youth.  As a rasta, one of the truths that shaped my perspective is that there is only I, there is no you.  In other words; Consciousness is a shared experience and separation is an illusion which allows our necessary simulation.

The emanation expanded and slowed down taking different patterns and fractals of itself.  This is said in many ways across all religions I’ve found; in Hindi they say “namaste” or “namaskaram”, in Islam they say “none but allah”, in Adinkra they say “gye nyame” while in Christianity they say God is the “all in all”, alpha and omega.  In other words, I only exist, because you exist, because every single particle and iota of conscious energy was needed for the big bang to occur in the way it did.

Our essence is as old as the universe itself.  My father and I would study, hours into the night.  He would always have me read these books out loud that were way beyond my years, saying, “don’t believe or disbelieve, just put it in POE [poetry section of the brain.]  This was my initiation.

(c) Gulnara Khamatova
(c) Gulnara Khamatova

By age 12 I had studied a few religions and began practising Rastafari until 24, when I disappeared and reemerged with the first Quantum Helix to manage energy over space time; a emotion tracker with meditation techniques and exercise regimen.  At that point, it was just a few pieces of gridded paper, but over 15 years time I began to represent and recall all sorts of epistemological systems on a spiral grid with simple division and symbology.

Inception, Emanations and Application:

Everything is God.  We are the wave.  We exist in a field of consciousness that underpins all others.  We are part and parcel of the all in all, the great intergalactic shockwave that is all existence.  Existence is reflective and projecting conscious and unconscious energy in vibration.  “Intergalactic Wave” is an attempt to refine and unify aspects of human life; culture, science, and spirituality through the act of creation – music, art, and technology.  The concepts are derived from  Rastafari, Qabbalistic Hermeticism, Sacred Geometry, Hip Hop, Nichiren Buddhism, and Quantum Biology/Mechanics – almost in that order.  Thusly, my work revolves around the nature of existence as singular points of consciousness with sensory inputs and outputs in a conceptually triangulated framework: thesis antithesis synthesis in theoretical terms, holy trinity in theological terms, fibonacci or 1.618 for academics.

States of matter are defined by the rate of vibration from solid, liquid, gas, plasma [and 9 others by now?].  Music and it’s genres are defined by vibrational rates of percussion and melody.  Noise is made distinct from music by said order.  Color is also a function of the wavelengths of light rays, which when placed on a canvas create various forms of art.  This is where my reality began to melt away as my identity reunited with the universe, and I began to see all of our man-made creations in the same light as nature-made creations in the sense of vibrational patterns, and wonder; are we doing it right; am *I* doing it right?

(c) Gulnara Khamatova

We live in superpositional states which our consciousness collapse moment by moment creating simultaneously in sync with multiple worlds which are entangled,  currently only in theory scientifically, but in essence psychologically as per emotional worlds [stimulating external action in a never ending feedback loop]. The world as we know it is created from inside out as a dream, from thought to actuality made manifest through action and intent from the finest to the less refined.  Our worlds are created from perception and projection as anything outside of it is only experienced inside.

Consciousness and energy interplay is all that is.  We theorize consciousness is the field on which all others are built: electromag, gravitation, higgs, nuclear, but there is no way to prove what’s on the other side of the black hole, or that we are not in one.  The only thing left to do is spiral and blossom well, wave and transform, as we are seeds in the process of being and becoming, seeking truth in the ocean that is our own ignorance.

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